Unconvention 2019 Session Highlights – part 2

Feb 6 2019

Does the thought of springtime get you excited about fresh change and future planning?

The days are getting longer and the temperatures a little higher (it’s just a passing cold front they say, as we currently experience negative temperatures). Spring in Vancouver is truly a beautiful spectacle. We cannot wait to show off our diverse headquarter playground to all of you joining us this Spring for the Unconvention. As we promised here are a few more valuable education sessions to get you invigorated, realigned and focused on achieving your all housing goals for each of your future events this year.

Plant the Seed; How To Grow Your Housing Business from the Inside Out

Can you confidently say that your sales teams understand the value you, as a housing manager and what you do brings to your organization? Does your sales team sell the benefits of your housing services to the right people? Do you work as a cohesive unit with your sales team on a regular basis? If you answered NO to any of these questions, this session is for you!
In this interactive discussion, we will focus on not only making sure you have the right technical skills and knowledge to prove yourself to your sales team, but the Meetingmax Sales and Marketing team will share best practices around ensuring your sales team:

  • Are in the know of the latest in system updates and features
  • Understand event housing’s unique selling points
  • See the value and ROI the Housing Manager adds to the organization

Attendees will have an opportunity to compare tactics that work or have failed to sell event housing to different market segments.
Join Meetingmax’s Semerick Manhas, Sales Manager, and Katherine Comberbach, Marketing Manager as they share best practices, winning tactics and methods of communication to get the best out of selling the system and increase your housing revenue stream.

Fostering System Adoption for Partners

As event planners and specifically housing managers you are often working with external 3rd parties that don’t necessarily fully understand your best practices and processes. Having your partners on your side will help to ensure your needs are met and understood.
In this breakout session, we’ll explore the best practices for training your hotel and planner partners on the Meetingmax system.
In particular, we’ll talk about: 1) The best methods for teaching your partners from scratch, 2) How to foster continued adoption of the system while your event is live, and; 3) How to constructively coach your partners on system use when things aren’t done as you intended.
Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn industry-leading training methodologies to instruct users on how to use the system
  • Learn best practices for fostering software adoption with your partners following training
  • Learn how to provide coaching to users as a systems expert

Who better than Reid Allen to present this session, Technical Support Analyst, our resident system authority and curator of the Training Certification Program.

How Integrations are Changing Event Technology

Whether you are a tech newbie or tech veteran, this interactive session will help you understand the different event technologies that can enhance your attendee’s overall experience with your event.
This is an opportunity where you can view different event technology tools that integrate with your housing system. With these integrations, you will…

  • Discover a way to optimize your revenue stream post event-cut-off
  • Learn the benefits of driving attendees to book via a registration tool prior to accessing the housing portal
  • Learn the benefits of having access to Actualized rooms and Contracted rooms in your housing system

Sureena Parmar will use her extensive knowledge and experience with integrations to guide this session. Her long time position as Director of Client Success puts her expertise up there with the best in the biz.

This year’s Unconvention will stay true to its name and continue to combine both the importance of industry and system education while making it fun and interactive. The organizers have a superb lineup of learning possibilities, out-of-the-box venues, entertainment and networking opportunities for all event planners, organizations, and destinations that want to succeed at housing! Season of Change will focus on recognizing, anticipating, and managing changes in our industry, jobs, and day-to-day lives.

“Sometimes it’s all too easy to become fixated on events over which we have no power, or people who might never change their actions or attitudes. But rather than focus on blaming others or moving the unmovable, resilient people set their sights on what they can control.” (psych.com)

Join us this April 1-3 in Vancouver, BC for our annual user conference that actually focuses solely on event reservation management.

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