Front-End Reservation System for Convention & Visitor Bureaus

May 27 2019

As a forward thinking Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), you strive to deliver the best experience possible for visitors to your destination. When it comes to event hotel reservations, Meetingmax can support you in that. 

Meetingmax offers comprehensive room block management software that allows you to create a seamless booking experience for delegates in your city. 

All enhancements and innovation for the Meetingmax housing software are driven by our clients needs. To give you a better sense of the attendee experience, and how your DMO can customize the software, please review the video below: 

Video tutorial of the front end reservation process in Meetingmax

The video above shows how you can customize the look and feel of your events through graphics, colors, and image placement. It also showcases how you can customize the guest experience through messaging, advertisements, and more.

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