Creating a new tribe – The St Paul’s Hospital HUB, Vancouver

Jul 19 2018

Human beings are linked to one another in so many different ways and since the beginning of time, we have had the need to gather in familiar groups. These diverse connections are defined by a common purpose, goal, interest, social standing or culture and it’s through these connections that members find a sense of belonging and a purpose-filled community. Meetingmax, led by Jeff Duncan, embraces the need for belonging, in fact, it’s our core value; helping people find their tribes.

Sometimes, it’s really hard for community members to find a safe place where they feel like they belong and often doors are shut in their faces. These are the members of our society, who may be a little ‘different’, who desperately need to find a place to belong.
This week, a first-of-its-kind facility, at St.Paul’s Hospital Vancouver has opened its doors to one-stop center for people struggling with both mental health and drug addictions – A HUB where members of the public can find their tribe and receive the support and help they need. Also launched July 17 was the Vancouver Police Foundation Transitional Care Centre, a facility where patients released from the HUB can stay for a short time and connect to housing and income support.

Jeff, as a member of the Vancouver Police Foundation, was privy to the opening ceremony and press release of the Emergency Department HUB. Jeff and all the team members at Meetingmax understand they power of a gathering of all types of people, in all situations, with no geographic borders and proudly support this great initiative.